2004 – 2nd Quarter Investments

Manna CDC: $12,000 Grant and $10,000 recoverable grant to cover costs relating to the new Maggie Moos franchise at 13th and U Street NW scheduled to open in August 2004.

Nonprofit Finance Fund: $73,041 grant to cover operations for the last six months of 2003.

FRESHFARM Markets: $4,348 grant for new computer and software equipment as they open a new market on the 600 block of H Street NE.

DC Agenda: $5,000 grant to cover final expenses as they close their operations.

Dance Institute of Washington: $400,000 loan for the construction of a new facility and childcare center at 3400 14th Street NW.

1340 Fairmont Street Cooperatives: $682,400 Loan for renovation and conversion of 16 units into condominiums.