9th Annual MHCDO Open

The 2005 Marshall Heights Community Development Organization golf tourney posed unexpected challenges for the LISC foursome; another team tried to swipe our
perennial title as the Worst Team in the tourney.

Defending last place is a challenge, so we fortified ourselves with extra donuts beforehand. We approached the challenge with all the gusto and lack of preparation that we brought in previous years, and we added two novice golfers, Michelle Mengel and LISC intern Kellie Bethke to the experienced hackers, Marty and Ramon.

Though our aim was errant, our swings were confident. But it was not enough — LISC finished second to last. Some miracle of astral events and athletic incompetence
led another team to pick up clubs for the first time that day. We could not match their score, though we are convinced that our liberal use of the “mulligan” may have given us the edge.

This setback (progress?) was not as devastating as it might have been since MHCDO did bestow upon us a consolation prize — Wheaties. Now that the clubs have been put away, and the Wheaties eaten, we are glad to have helped Marshall Heights raise funds for college scholarships for Ward 7 youth, and we can’t wait to try to reclaim our
title next year.

– Ramon Jacobson