A Two-Generation Strategy to Eliminating Poverty for Teen Mothers Aging Out of Foster Care

There is nothing easy about being a teenage mom. But for young mothers aging out of the foster care system the challenges are staggering. Washington, D.C. LISC is supporting an innovative program that not only provides housing for these young women but teaches them the kind of life skills that will help them succeed, both for themselves and for their children. LISC’s Oramenta Newsome describes the two-generation approach of The Elizabeth Ministry (TEM) in a recent piece for the Center for Women Policy Studies. She and co-author Dr. Carolyn Graham, founder and president of TEM, explain how the group’s five-year independent living program gives teen moms a safe place to land and learn as they get ready to leave the foster care system. Nationally, 400,000 children are in foster care and more than 20,000 are “emancipated” each year, often with nowhere to go and no help finding their way.