Back to School: Back to the Basics

It’s now fall, and with that comes cooler weather, the football season, and another school year for students, parents, educators and providers of educational services.

But, let’s not forget about the bus drivers, transit operators, janitors, nurses, counselors, administrative staff, and the many other individuals living and working in our city who are also impacted by the new school year.

You do not have to be a student, parent, or teacher to be impacted by the Back to School season, which brings us to The Basics:

As members of the D.C. community, we all have a stake in the lives of its students.

When students are supported, they feel free to explore and build meaning about the world around them.

They transform from dreamers to doers and become the future creators of places of choice and opportunity.


In a recent Washington Post article, it is noted that one of Mayor Bowser’s key strategies in improving the performance and school experience of Black and Latino boys is “to recruit 500 mentors from the Washington area over the next two years to read with struggling students and offer support in other ways.”

LISC DC has provided financing and funding to the Higher Achievement Program, one of the community partners that will provide training to the mentors.

Check out our map to view a sample of the learning centers that we have financed and the education programs that we have funded.

We believe that improving access to quality education not only has a significant impact on closing the achievement gap for children in lower-income families, but also is one of the pillars of building sustainable communities.  While LISC DC makes many types of investments in communities in Washington, D.C., we are especially proud of our investments in education.

Whether it is early childhood learning, after-school enrichment, or adult education programs and services, our nonprofit partners are providing affordable, accessible and quality services to the D.C. residents who need them the most, and we are happy to support them.