Breakfast with LISC Event: Affirming our Mission and Work in 2005

Held on a sunny spring morning at the beautifully restored Josephine Butler Parks Center in Columbia Heights, Breakfast with LISC brought together over 100 community partners and  supporters.

At a time of rapid change and growth in Washington DC, we held the event to affirm our mission of working toward healthy, inclusive neighborhoods that are good places to live, work, raise families and conduct business. We also discussed the diversity of our work, clientele and products.

In 2005, we face different challenges—ones that require new partnerships and a new set of strategies. At LISC, we have adapted our programs to meet the current and evolving marketplace in Washington DC. From our work with tenants associations to help preserve their affordable housing to our partnership with the Urban Institute in providing timely data to better understand current trends– we are adapting to change.

In Washington DC, we now work with over 50 nonprofit organizations — more than at any other time in our history. These organizations range from childcare providers to nonprofit housing developers to youth programs and arts and cultural organizations. Through this diversification we aim to help make neighborhoods not only healthy and inclusive, but also places of choice for lower income households.

We don’t do this alone. As evidenced by the number and diversity of people who came to this event – government officials, supporters, nonprofit and for profit partners- there are many that make this work possible.

Breakfast Highlights
Retta Gilliam and Lynn French crowned winners of our Community DevelopmentTrivia Contest. Another fond remembrance of our friend Retta.

Kicked off the Arthur Flemming Community Leadership Award Nomination process. All nominations have been received and winners will be announced shortly.

Our President and CEO Michael Rubinger shared the “State of LISC” and the national perspective on community development.

Announced the return of our annual Blues Concert with the “Blues Professor” on October 13, 2005.