Bright Beginnings Launches New Evening Care Program

If you are a working parent, you know how difficult it can be to find quality, affordable childcare. Now imagine you work non-traditional evening hours as a police officer or restaurant worker — finding childcare seems nearly impossible.

In response to this growing need, Bright Beginnings Inc., a nonprofit childcare provider serving homeless children, recently launched an evening care program that will extend their hours until 11:00pm. The program provides 36 childcare slots for parents working non-traditional hours — such as police officers, retail workers and evening shift workers.

LISC supported Bright Beginnings early on with a $24,000 grant for strategic planning. A key outcome of the plan was the Evening Care Program. Currently, we are providing grant funds for a new security system and rubberized playground, to create a safe environment for the children.

Housed in the Perry School Community Center at 128 M Street NW, Bright Beginnings expects that most of the evening care slots will be used by families in the surrounding neighborhoods. From CVS employees on the welfare to work program, to late shift custodial staff at the MCI center, the presence of stable childcare will help residents in the area get or keep jobs, enter training programs and in some cases, further their education