Dancing with the Stars

From the electric slide to the jitterbug and the twist, supporters of Manna and DC LISC celebrated 50 collective years of neighborhood revitalization and affordable housing at MANNARAMA – a Homecoming Dance.

DC LISC and Manna have grown up together working side by side to ensure a better quality of life for residents of Washington DC. Long years of working in the field require serious celebration- and the Homecoming Dance gave everyone a chance to put on their dance clothes and hit the floor.

George Rothman, President of Manna (pictured left), dug through his closet and emerged wearing his high school letter. Who knew that George was a high school basketball player?

DJ Scooter Magruder, good food, and an enthusiastic dance crowd ensured a great celebration for all. The new director of DHCD, Leila Edmonds, joined the festivities and crowned the king and queen of the evening – Julio and Antonieta Urla. Stay tuned for more celebrations as the 25th Anniversary continues.