LISC DC and Capital One’s To Do List: Budget Scrubbing

No one likes scrubbing their floors, much less scrubbing their budget. But for 5 weeks, 23 participants “scrubbed” their household budgets, credit reports and spending habits. As the participants in the Money Management 101 course learned, scrubbing your financials means looking at each line item in a household budget to look for potential savings. Why would people subject themselves to two hour long lectures about scrubbing immediately after lunch? Because in these tight economic times filled with uncertainty it takes true diligence to make ends meet.

In November, LISC DC partnered with Capital One and Capital Area Asset Building Corporation (CAAB) to conduct a Money Management 101 course for 23 participants who work at local nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity of DC, Jubilee Housing, So Others Might Eat (SOME), Dance Place, LISC, Create Communitas and Elizabeth Ministry.

Emily Crews, a participant who works at Dance Place, recounted, “I have learned so much from Linda about many personal financial matters during this course, but especially about keeping my credit report accurate so that my credit score stays healthy.  This training has been so valuable!”

Rayna Smith Graham, Assistant Director of Education & Finance at The Elizabeth Ministry, said, “The financial work shop has provided me with tools such as budget planning and overall financial awareness that I plan on sharing with the young women in our program. I will be able to help them all make the best use of their money while still being able to save for their children’s future.  The class also gave me tools I can use in my own household.”

As the new year begins LISC DC is looking forward to partnering with Capital One and Capital Area Asset Building Corporation (CAAB) to conduct a second Money Management 101 course this Spring.