LISC DC Tour Bus Rides Again

Turns out, there are a good number of people very curious about community development in Washington, DC and the positive changes in our neighborhoods. Because of LISC’s reputation, experience, investments and knowledge of the neighborhoods, we receive numerous requests, sometimes repeat requests from previous years for tours. The big demand is to tour neighborhoods that are experiencing holistic and comprehensive revitalization e.g. “sustainable communities” and our “targeted investment “neighborhoods.

Recent  LISC DC led tours:

• The Environmental Protection Agency and National Resources Defense Council took a tour of the Congress Heights/Parklands neighborhoods to see transit oriented development and how federal resources create sustainability.

• Data driven researchers and practitioners from across the country attending the Urban Institute’s National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership conference toured Congress Heights and had to see the tangible change behind all their number and stats.

• The highlight of State Farm Bank’s CRA Advisory Council meeting was a tour of the Congress Heights neighborhood. They had a chance to see how their donation to LISC is making a difference in the lives of Congress Heights’ residents.

• Staff from HUD took a walking tour of Columbia Heights, where the use of HUD’s capacity building grants for nonprofits has helped transform the neighborhood. This tour supported the policy and grants team at LISC as HUD was in the midst of a evaluation of the use of the capacity building funding provided to LISC.

• The FDIC asked us to supplement the week long training they provide to their CRA examiners. We developed workshops, spoke at a training and took 100 examiners on neighborhood tours in Columbia Heights and Congress Heights. These bank examiners are the individuals that determine whether a bank is compliant with CRA requirements.

• Members of the U.S. Congress House Financial Services Committee took a tour of Congress Heights, with a specific focus on the broad range of housing available within the community- from supportive transitional housing to single family homes for upper middle income families.

• Participants in the annual Neighborworks Training Institute got to see neighborhood revitalization in action with a visit to Congress Heights. This is the second consecutive year we have provided tours as a supplement to the in-classroom training courses.

For LISC DC, these tours are a great way to showcase the work of our partners and to promote comprehensive community development among decision makers and funders.