District of Columbia Primary Care Association (DCPCA) Establishes Guaranty Pool for LISC Loan Fund

DCPCA is a health care action and advocacy organization focused on improving health care and health coverage for District of Columbia residents.

Our mission at LISC is to help create healthy neighborhoods that are good places to live, work and raise families.

DCPCA is in the throes of implementing Medical Homes, a multiyear initiative to build, expand and improve the city’s primary health care system. As part of the start up of the Medical Homes Initiative, we have been looking for opportunities to bring resources to this effort. Through this partnership with DCPCA we will offer low interest, short-term loans, to nonprofit primary health care providers, to help them make capital improvements and purchase equipment.

By establishing a guaranty pool, DCPCA leverages its dollars and we are able to secure our loans. Together, we are able to offer more and better resources than we could working separately.