Lessons Learned on Building an Equitable Community

Our friends at 11th Street Bridge Park share “Lessons Learned on Building an Equitable Community.” Below is an excerpt:

We formally announced our Equitable Development Plan in late 2015 that included 19 recommendations that the Bridge Park and our partners can take in three areas: Workforce Development; Small Business Enterprises; and Housing.

This work was the result of meetings that took place over seven months with community members and stakeholders, government officials, business owners and policy experts. The goal of this plan was to ensure that the 11th Street Bridge Park is a driver of inclusive development – development that provides opportunities for all residents regardless of income and demography.


Over the last year and a half we’ve been implementing the plan by starting a Ward 8 Home Buyers Club with our friends at Manna, partnering with Housing Counseling Services to run tenant rights workshops and working with City First Homes to stand up a Bridge Park Community Land Trust. Our friends at LISC DC announced a $50 million investment in the 1 mile area around the Bridge Park in their Elevating Equity initiative. From the beginning, like-minded projects around the country shared their lessons learned as they worked to build a more inclusive community. We thought we’d return the favor and share some helpful advice we’ve learned to date.

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