LISC and So Others Might Eat Partner to Ensure Veterans Can Afford Housing

After risking their lives serving our country, 499 veterans are currently homeless in Washington, DC. To ensure that these veterans can afford housing, So Others Might Eat (SOME) developed Fendall Heights, a 29 unit apartment building, in Anacostia, for veterans. Through a partnership with the DC Housing Authority and the Veterans Administration (VA), veterans will only pay 30 percent of their income as rent.

Father John Adams, President of SOME, explained the purpose of “Fendall Heights is to offer a safe, stable and affordable environment where veterans can build on their inherent strengths to achieve their goals.” Furthermore, the building is targeting female veterans because so often their story isn’t told as a part of the veteran experience.

One such veteran is Franselene St. Jean who served in Afghanistan only to return home and find herself facing homelessness. A VA caseworker recommended she look into So Others Might Eat for housing. SOME helped her find an apartment at Fendall Heights and provided her with the services she needed to readjust to civilian life. Because Ms. St. Jean was able to find an affordable apartment she could focus on completing nursing school. Last month she began her new job as a surgical technician at George Washington University Hospital.

Through our LISC affiliate, the National Equity Fund, we  provided both equity and grant funding for the renovation of Fendall Heights.  So to our friends at Fendall Heights and the many others who serve our country, Happy Memorial Day.