LISC and the Arts

At LISC our goal has always been to help create healthy, strong neighborhoods. When we began working in Washington DC over 27 years ago our focus was on expanding the supply of quality affordable housing. Over the years however, it became clear that a healthy neighborhood, the kind of place where you would want your children to grow up, offers far more than lower cost housing. It offers programs and services that all people, regardless of income level, can access. Services like childcare, healthcare, arts, and activities for our seniors.

So about 10 years ago we made a strategic shift and expanded our investments to include these types of services and programs. Our investments range from helping nonprofit organizations secure a permanent home by purchasing and renovating a facility to grant investments that help strengthen and stabilize nonprofit operations.

Today, we highlight the returns from our investments in the arts. When we made the conscious decision to invest in neighborhood based arts programs we knew it would benefit those who participated in the programs, but what we didn’t know was how it would impact the overall neighborhood. As you will see, these arts programs have spurred economic revitalization and become places where children’s imaginations are taking hold, where otherwise hardened young men can safely express emotion, and where new skills and talents are being discovered daily.