LISC DC Welcomes Angela Hill to Local Advisory Committee

We recently welcomed Angela Hill, a Senior Vice President in the Community Development Banking Group of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, to our Local Advisory Commitee (LAC).

Angela manages a team of underwriters in the SE region covering Philadelphia through Florida. Her group specializes in financing affordable rental housing and charter schools.

Angela’s experience and expertise in these areas complements LISC DC’s work in preserving and securing affordable housing, as well as supporting nonprofits that are making educational programs affordable and accessible throughout the District.

We asked Angela what should be considered when trying to leverage successful public/private partnerships in community development.

Angela responded, “Empathy while managing good business sense, understanding why it is important for the two to work together and how best to get it done.”


This makes a lot of sense to us.  Before approaching a potential partner, it is very important that one is willing to engage in active listening.  This will allow for the understanding of the other individual’s point of view and the establishment of common goals, which is a requisite for a true, successful and sustainable partnership.

As a member of our LAC, Angela will be tasked with ensuring that the program actions we take, always line up with our mission of helping neighborhood residents create healthy and sustainable places of choice and opportunity – good places to live, work, raise children and conduct business.

FUN FACT ABOUT ANGELA:  Angela is finally getting her screen porch built after years of wishing to make this happen.