LISC in Southwest: A DC LISC Sustainable Community

Since 2009, we have been working with an active group of community leaders in Southwest Washington. We helped them establish a new organization capable of negotiating community benefits that support neighborhood diversity and improve the quality of life in the neighborhood for all residents – especially for low and moderate income residents. Named the Community Benefits Coordinating Council (CBCC), we have assisted this group by:

• Helping them to complete incorporation as a non profit organization in the District of Columbia and file for federal non profit status. They received their 501c3 in September 2010.

• Organizing several community gatherings to expand the leadership base, to identify new issues, and to build support for the vision of CBCC. Members of the CBCC Board with neighborhood leaders.

• Helping them to plan for a Strategic Listening Process with AmericaSpeaks in 2011

• Assisting the CBCC with board development, planning, and fundraising.

Early Wins:

• New Board Members planning session with LISC strategic planning expert Tom Burns.
o Creating a workplan for 2011
o Preparing for AmericaSpeaks sessions

• St. James Mutual Housing – LISC is providing a $25,000 grant to help cover predevelopment costs for the redevelopment of a 107 unit limited equity cooperative.