LISC Participates in Fenty Pre-Transition Team

In October 2006, the Fenty PreTransition team shifted into gear and began a two month long process of preparing policy recommendations to forward on to then Mayor-Elect Adrian Fenty.

Fenty pre-transition team members were grouped according to topics ranging from Education, Public Safety, Affordable Housing, Government Operations, Health Care, and Arts and were asked to contribute comments during conference calls, online dialogues, via blog, and email.

DC LISC Director Oramenta Newsome was invited to participate in the pre-transition conversation as a part of the Affordable Housing Pre-Transition team. By November 2006, recommendations generated during this early, pre-transition phase were synthesized into documents called “pretransition papers”.

In December 2006 the Co-Chairs of the Affordable Housing PreTransition team recruited team leaders to build upon early, pretransition work, and fill-in gaps in the pre-transition papers.

Oramenta Newsome was asked to be a team leader and developed a set of recommendations for identifying more resources for affordable housing that could be implemented in the first 30, 60, 90 days of 1 year of the Fenty administration. She worked with team members and submitted her recommendations in mid-December. To see the recommendations or for more information on the work of the Affordable Housing Pre-Transition
team please go to