LISC Policy Team Deciphers Federal Bills Budgets and All Things Between

Over the past year, the wave of new Federal legislation has at times seemed overwhelming. For those of us who work in and for low income communities, it is important that we stay on top of programs and funds that can help make those communities better. But between grasping the details of the “stimulus bill” and decoding the budget, it was easy to get lost in the sheer volume of information and to know how best to advocate for resources that support our neighborhoods.

At LISC, we are fortunate to have a policy team that scours this information and tells us what we need to know. The LISC Policy Team, made up of Barbara Burnham, Julie Seward, Jeremie Greer and Caitlin Kovalkoski is led by Buzz Roberts, a veteran public policy expert. (Pictured speaking to the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development CNHED)

Under Buzz’s leadership, the policy team made sure that LISC and our partners stayed on top of new developments. From the 2008 Neighborhood Stabilization Act which gave $4 Billion (seemed like a lot at the time) to states and localities trying to stem foreclosures, to President Obama’s $767 billion stimulus package and subsequent budget, the team decoded and presented the information in a digestible way.

We acknowledge the tenacity, diplomacy, and attention to detail that it takes to master both the language of Capitol Hill and the complexity of federal and state legislation. Staying on top of this extraordinary amount of information is an exceptional effort by any measure.