Maggie Moos Ice Cream Shop on U Street: Jobs for Shaw and Revenue for Manna CDC

If you’ve driven along U Street Corridor lately, you might have noticed the new Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream
shop at 1301 U Street. In its first retail venture ever, Manna CDC, a nonprofit organization working for over 8 years in the Shaw neighborhood, purchased the franchise as part of their economic development initiative.

As owner and operator, Manna CDC will use all profits to support their community development efforts. In addition, they recruited and hired youth from the neighborhood. They hope to use this opportunity to increase the visibility of their mission among community residents, leaders and potential supporters.

In support of this new business venture, LISC stepped in and provided a $12,000 grant and a $10,000
recoverable grant.

Longtime partners, LISC and Manna CDC continue to work together to preserve affordable housing in Shaw and to bring jobs and services to residents. With this new venture, Manna CDC joins a growing list of
nonprofit organizations engaged in for-profit activities to support their programs.

So the next time you go out for a treat, help ease your calorie-laden conscience by stopping in at
Maggie Moo’s, knowing your purchase will support Manna’s valuable work in the community. The store is open every day of the week with products made fresh, on site daily.