Meet Shola Olatoye, LISC’s New Local Advisory Committee Member

Shola Olatoye, Vice President of Community Development at HSBC and our newest Local Advisory Committee member may not realize that a “message” she left for our Executive Director, Oramenta Newsome last fall was a much needed lifeline during a dismal fundraising season. Very simply Shola stated, “We are interested in partnering with and funding Washington, DC LISC.” With this one statement we gained a new banking partner and a new funder.

No stranger to LISC, Shola previously worked with the New York City, South Florida and Ohio LISC offices. When HSBC expanded their community development activities to DC, LISC was one of the first groups she contacted. “LISC has a wide reach and understands the issues most pressing to the communities that we care about. As a newcomer, knowing stakeholders and understanding the players and issues are key in seeing where HSBC can be most effective in furthering community development.”

A relatively new bank to the area, HSBC entered the local market in 2005. In 2008 they assigned dedicated staff (Shola) to their local community development activities. In her role, Shola ensures that HSBC is a healthy, positive and useful contributor to the community development discussion. She is also especially focused on homeownership counseling, affordable housing development, first time homebuyer counseling and working with small businesses/ microlending.

Prior to HSBC, Shola became very familiar with Washington, DC in her capacity as a consultant for the DC Office of Planning. In that role she attended numerous community meetings and spent a good deal of time in the city working with the communities and groups that both LISC and HSBC work with now.

One thing to know about Shola is that she is a tour de force in the kitchen. She is famous for her risotto and throwing fabulous parties. Lately she and her husband Matthew, a 5 journalist for the Sun Sentinel, have been doing less party-throwing and more play-dating with their two sons, Alexander, 3 and Rowan, 17 months.

LISC welcomes Shola and HSBC to the Local Advisory Committee.