Mrs. McLaurin’s Dream is Fulfilled: Learn How LISC DC is a Part of this Lady’s Life


Video footage taken of 106 year old, Mrs. Virginia McLaurin’s visit with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has gone viral less than 24 hours after the White House uploaded it to their Facebook page.

We at LISC DC are so proud to be helping Mrs. McLaurin and her neighbors preserve the building in which they live. The tenants, including Mrs. McLaurin, have fought for improved living conditions for years, and now that the building is for sale, they are partnering with an affordable housing developer, MED, who is using LISC financing to purchase the property.

Mrs. McLaurin’s home in The Buchanan apartments is located in DC’s Petworth neighborhood, a rapidly changing community where a growing number of apartment buildings are being converted to high priced housing, leaving long-term residents few decent options that they can afford.



LISC will provide acquisition financing to MED Developers who will purchase The Buchanan, and then undertake much needed renovations and upgrades throughout using a combination of local and federal funds.  Mrs. McLaurin can continue her dance moves in the apartment in the neighborhood where she has lived since 1941, and find peace with the knowledge that she and her neighbors will remain pillars of our community.