Reasons to Celebrate This Holiday Season: Fresh Food – Affordable Homes – New Medical Center

Within the same week, Mrs. Dora Credle, 101 and ninety-seven of her fellow seniors moved into the Victory Square Apartments in Parkside-Kenilworth, 30 million pounds of fresh food became available to lower income families at the new state-of-the-art Capital Area Food Bank, and Community of Hope broke ground on a new medical center in the Bellevue neighborhood.

And guess who helped to make this happen. DC LISC and the National Equity Fund by investing $4.85 million of Low Income Housing Tax Credit equity for the construction of Victory Square, $1.5 million to acquire the space for the new food bank and $2.25 million to construct the new health center.

Francis Martin was one of the 400 people who put in a rental application on the very first day it was possible to do so. He grew up in the neighborhood, attended Neval Thomas Elementary School and learned about Victory Square from his sister, who lives just a few blocks away. “I love my apartment – I’m ecstatic! We really, really need buildings like this for seniors,” said the 71 year old former locksmith.

The Capital Area Food Bank’s dietitian, Jodi Balis said, “the new facility will allow the food bank to renew its commitment to distributing nutritious food and focus on programs that will showcase how food bank ingredients can be transformed into healthy meals. The new space also provides for commercial and teaching kitchens and classrooms which will be used for more nutrition education and cooking classes to help those who receive food learn how to stretch their dollars even farther.”

Dawnn Wilson, neighborhood resident, is excited about the new health center. She said, “I am in support of the new building because I can walk right down the street to the doctor.”