Stories from Our 25th Year

Washington, DC LISC
LISC coming to Washington was more serendipity than by strategic design.
-Richard Snowdon, LISC Local Advisory Committee Chair

The Shops at Park Village
Its time that people from Ward 8 spent their dollars in Ward 8, instead of Maryland.
-Tijuana Phillips, ANC Commissioner

The Elizabeth Ministry
This is not easy work. There is such a lack of structure in these young
women’s lives- they haven’t thought about what is possible.
-Reverend Dr. Carolyn Graham

The Riverside Center
No one used the park anymore; the dealers and addicts set up camp —it became too dangerous to walk the trails.
-James Hunter, Resident- Deanwood Heights

LISC and So Others Might Eat
Living in an overcrowded house that was not hers and under the constant threat of violence from domestic abuse, Patricia came to So Others Might Eat (SOME). She wanted better for her three children.

But in the end it is about the families — that is the reason we are here, the energy we draw from working against great odds. Nobody thought we could do this, but we had faith.
-Reverend Jim Dickerson, Founder of Manna

Preserving Affordable Housing
I think they underestimated our resolve — we were determined to stay.
-Brenda Jordan, President of the Pleasant Park Tenants Association

Arthur Flemming Community Leadership Award
The award recognizes the people doing the work that Dr. Flemming cared about, that he advocated for and who reflect the way he believed we would make change in this city.
-Mike Tierney, LISC Chief Operating Officer