The Comp Plan is being amended right now as you read this. Let’s make sure we get it right.

The Comprehensive Plan will affect how our city grows for decades to come, and starting late last month the Office of Planning (OP) began accepting edits to it.

In January we shared with you what our working group has been doing to prepare for this process: a list of 10 housing and development priorities for the Comprehensive Plan agreed upon by a wide partnership of tenant organizers, faith and community groups, for-profit and non-profit developers, and advocates.

Take 2 minutes today to tell OP what your priorities are:

Preserve existing affordable housing – click to tweet!

Equitably distribute housing – click to tweet!

Meet the housing demand – click to tweet!

Include families – click to tweet!

Protect tenants – click to tweet!

Now is the time to make yourself heard.  Since January, over 450 others have signed on in agreement, including over 80 organizations. This is significant and widespread support and will help us make sure these priorities are included in Comp Plan.

Over the next month our working group will be finalizing formal amendments to the Comp Plan; we will share them when they’re ready and let you know how you can help us send a clear message to the Office of Planning that DC needs more homes, more affordable homes, and stronger protections for residents who are fighting to stay here.