The LISC Neighborhood Community Development Tour: See Who Has Taken Advantage of Our Tour Service

Earlier this year, with high security and a “jump car” in the rear, we provided Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke a tour of the Anacostia and Congress Heights neighborhoods.

As we ventured down Good Hope Road, to Alabama Ave, over to Mississippi Ave, and finally to Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave we highlighted:
♦ the Anacostia Gateway under construction;
♦ the proposed redevelopment of Skyland Shopping Center;
♦ The Shops at Park Village, under construction ;
♦ Henson Ridge HOPE VI; and
♦ St. Elizabeths and Poplar Point

But as you can imagine, the highlight was our stop at THE ARC. It was mid-afternoon and at full decibel with kids participating in dance classes, music lessons, basketball and training classes.

Mr. Bernanke was engaged and inquisitive as we discussed the opportunities and assets in neighborhoods east of the Anacostia river. A few months later we got a call from
the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency requesting a tour for the
Comptroller, John Dugan. So off to the neighborhoods we went with Mr.
Dugan and over 20 OCCers.

This time we brought along our partners from Bank of America, CityFirst
and Wachovia. To be fair, we journeyed over to Ward 7 to see and learn about the development opportunities and work of Marshall Heights Community Development Organization.Back to the OCC offices by 5:00, we managed a tight but thorough and engaging tour.