Washington, DC LISC Celebrates 25 Years of Community Development

Twenty-five years ago, LISC began the work of community development in Washington DC. A brand new organization breaking into uncharted waters, we came to this city with one goal: Helping community based organizations turn Washington DC’s distressed neighborhoods into healthy communities.

Since that time we have seen the amazing things that can be accomplished through strong partnerships and an unwavering commitment to our mission. From the production of quality affordable homes and state of the art community facilities to new neighborhood based retail and affordable office space, the work of LISC in Washington DC can be observed throughout the City.

While the results from the past 25 years are impressive- the true test is whether
what we have done has made any difference in the lives of lower income Washingtonians.

The evidence is undeniable. People’s lives have been forever changed as they became
first-time homeowners, found a living wage job, enrolled their children in that afterschool program, found an affordable, quality childcare center and took back their neighborhood from crime. It is for these reasons we celebrate 25 years of community development.

In honor of our anniversary, we plan to hold a series of events and celebrations throughout the year. For more information on events and how to become a sponsor please visit: www.lisc.org/washingtondc

Special thanks to our Lead Sponsor: Freddie Mac Foundation