Washington DC LISC in 2006

What comes to mind when you hear these activities: affordable housing preservation, creating green homes, neighborhood child care, and building nonprofit capacity? If you didn’t say DC LISC in 2006, keep reading.

In 2006, our workplan includes these and other initiatives to make the neighborhoods of Washington DC hospitable places of choice for lower income households. As always, we remain steadfast and committed to maintaining and creating rental and homeownership opportunities for lower income households.

We expect a large portion of our work to be in support of tenants associations who wish to exercise their right to purchase their apartment buildings under the DC Tenant Purchase Law.

At the same time we are excited about expanding our housing work with several new types of housing opportunities: Grandfamily housing, which is housing for grandparents raising their grandchildren (see story on page 3 for more); ‘green’homes, or homes that are energy efficient and environmentally sound; and live/work housing for artists. We look forward to supporting the work of our nonprofit partners in these new housing endeavors.

Another key area we continue to focus on is stabilizing and enhancing neighborhood services, such as childcare, arts, healthcare, youth and senior services. The marority of our nonprofit partners work in these areas and we are committed to helping them meet their facility and capacity needs.

Off to a quick start, we are excited about the possibilities in 2006! So far this year we have already invested just over $6 million in our neighborhoods. We are encouraged by this volume and anticipate that these investments will make our neighborhoods stronger and healthier – good places to live,work and raise families!