Anacostia & the Bridge Park Impact Area

On May 11, 2016 LISC DC launched its $50 million Elevating Equity Initiative!  Elevating Equity is our comprehensive effort to help foster equity, inclusiveness, and an improved quality of life in the neighborhoods surrounding the future 11th Street Bridge Park. To date, we have invested over $31 million.

To support the residents living within the Bridge Park Impact Area – neighborhoods within a one-mile radius of the future site of the 11th Street Bridge Park – LISC DC will work through our nonprofit partners to provide loans, grants, tax credit equity, in-kind services, and technical support.

These investments will go towards ensuring that residents have access to housing that is affordable and essentials such as medical care, arts, services for youth and seniors, and early learning centers. Elevating Equity is our commitment to provide resources that help long-term residents and newcomers – regardless of their income – live, work, and thrive in the neighborhoods adjacent to the 11th Street Bridge Park.

Visit our Elevating Equity page to stay updated on our investments and to find out how you can be a part of fostering equity, inclusiveness and an improved quality of life for lower-income households located within the Bridge Park Impact Area.