Our Work

We mobilize corporate, philanthropic, individual donor and government resources and invest them into the projects, programs and initiatives that build on the assets and address the challenges of the neighborhoods in Washington, DC. We are a lender, donor, advocate, convener, facilitator, and technical assistance provider.

  • Equitable Development and Neighborhood Revitalization

    We work with a range of organizations that undertake neighborhood-based and population-based projects, programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life in the city and allow lower income households and those with special needs to live and thrive in the District of Columbia. In concert with our nonprofit partners, we use our products and services to:

    • Improve access to and increase the availability of resources  and opportunities for healthy living (e.g. wellness, arts, recreation, healthcare, sustainability, food and nutrition, youth and senior services, etc.)
    • Increase the availability of quality goods, services, and jobs in neighborhoods
    • Increase the availability of affordable housing
    • Increase household income, assets, and wealth
    • Improve access to early childhood learning, out-of-school time activities, and adult education/literacy
  • Priorities

    In 2018, our priorities are making investments in:

    • Strategic Investment Neighborhoods – in concert with a host of partners and stakeholders, we use our resources to support the revitalization of neighborhoods and to promote equity and inclusion.
    • Equitable Development – working with a range of nonprofits, we use our resources to accomplish projects and activities that benefit households that are lower income and/or have special needs, allowing them to live and thrive in the neighborhoods of Washington, DC.
  • Eligible Organizations

    Organizations eligible for our products and services include:

    • Nonprofit providers of services and programs such as the arts, healthcare/wellness, early learning, adult education, out-of-school time activities, employment, food and nutrition, services for young adults and seniors, etc.
    • Nonprofit housing developers
    • Community development corporations
    • Joint ventures between for profits and nonprofits
    • Lead nonprofits undertaking comprehensive neighborhood revitalization
  • Products and Services

    Nonprofits, including those in joint ventures with for-profit developers, may apply for a full range of loans, equity and technical assistance.

    • Predevelopment – for early stage investments in planning, design, environmental and structural assessments.  Proceeds are used to pay due diligence, deposits and other expenses.
    • Acquisition – for the purchase price and closing costs of property acquisition. These loans are generally made when there is evidence that construction and permanent financing is being pursued or has been secured.
    • Construction – for hard and soft building and improvement costs, including new construction, substantial or moderate renovations, and leasehold improvements.
    • Permanent Loans – for mini short-term and long-term financing of acquisition, construction, and renovation projects.


    Tax Credit Equity

    • Low Income Housing Tax Credits – through our affiliate, the National Equity Fund, which syndicates low income housing tax credits, we provide equity for the development of affordable rental housing.
    • New Markets Tax Creditsthrough our affiliate, the New Markets Support Company, which syndicates new market tax credits, we provide equity for the development of commercial and community facilities projects.


    Technical Assistance

    The LISC DC staff provides an array of support to our nonprofit partners to help them accomplish their projects, programs, and initiatives.  Examples include: advisory services to philanthropists, mapping, data analysis, feasibility studies, the design of programs and projects, packaging real estate development financing, etc.


    We have a small pool of grant funding for operating support and special projects. We provide grants to a finite number of nonprofits who are accomplishing work that aligns with our mission and goals.

    Please note that LISC DC does not accept unsolicited proposals for grant funding.

  • National Programs and Technical Support

    LISC is headquartered in New York City. Our national team provides us with a range of services, including technical support (e.g. legal, finance, communications, fundraising, etc.) and programs we access for our work in the District of Columbia. Examples include:

    • Housing Programs
    • Education Facilities
    • Institute for Comprehensive Community Development
    • Family Income and Wealth Building
    • Youth Development and Recreation
    • Healthy Food Financing
    • Community Safety Initiative